Objects of desire

Peer Zumbansen (York): Rethinking the Nature of the Firm: The Corporation as a Governance Object. Growing up Romney: Noam Scheiber on Mitt, Tagg, and the Romney family’s myth of self-reliance. Why naked men get short shrift: For centuries, naked women in Western art have been openly celebrated as objects of desire — but what about unclothed men? I unleashed my freak: Conservative journalist Suzy Spencer sets out to explore the sexual fringe in this country — and is most surprised by herself. From Swans, Michael Barker on fascism and anthroposophy (and part 2). Recently declassified images from the National Archives are like a giant WTF; they reveal Air Force plans to build a flying saucer — also, it was going to outsource the work to Canadians. Just a few more questions: America talks with Catholic candidates Joseph Biden and Paul Ryan. Faces, places, spaces: Adam Gopnik on the renaissance of geographic history. David Sessions on the rise and fall of Dinesh D’Souza: How a once-promising conservative scholar became a fringe huckster. Antoni Dobrowolski, the oldest survivor of Auschwitz, dies at 108.