The world or nothing for China

Paul Stempel (USAF): The Soul of the Chinese Military: Good Order and Discipline in the People's Liberation Army. Richard Cullen (Hong Kong): Hong Kong: The Making of a Modern City-State. From the Journal of Current Chinese Affairs, a special issue on Taiwan under KMT Rule: Recent trends in domestic politics and cross-strait relations. From BusinessWeek, a special report on China in Transition: As President-in-waiting Xi Jinping prepares to take over, a look at the challenges that await China's new management team at home and abroad. From The New Yorker, Evan Osnos on the disaster that exposed the underside of the boom in China. Choosing Confucianism: An interview with Daniel A. Bell on departing from the liberal framework. Lara Di-Luo reviews Restless Empire: China and the World Since 1750 by Odd Arne Westad. The nine faces of communism: “Ordinary” communists offer rare insights into life in one of the world’s most secretive political parties. Michael Schuman on the myth of Chinese efficiency. From Monthly Review, Yuezhi Zhao on the struggle for socialism in China: The Bo Xilai Saga and beyond. Francesco Sisci on why it is the world or nothing for China.