The embodiment of a sporting ideal

David Rolph (Sydney): Playing Away from Home: Sportspeople, Privacy and the Law. Erin Buzuvis (Western New England): Including Transgender Athletes in Sex-Segregated Sport. Sportista co-author Andy Markovits on the female phenomenon in sports. Coach Asshole: Charles Bethea on why it's still fashionable to be a hardass sports drill sergeant — it shouldn't be. In which the idea of not watching football is suggested: Pete Beatty on how the NFL is too shitty. Bleacher Report is a sort of Demand Media of sports, a content farm engineered to get search engine visits with lowest common denominator clickbait — and it’s a heck of a business. An interview with Simon Kuper, author of Ajax, the Dutch, the War: The Strange Tale of Soccer During Europe's Darkest Hour. How did Lance Armstrong avoid a positive doping test? The World's Team: FC Barcelona is more than a club, more than a champion and more than Lionel Messi — it is the embodiment of a sporting ideal that has made it beloved across the globe. Chris Epplett reviews Athletics and Philosophy in the Ancient World: Contests of Virtue by Heather L. Reid.