Life in the American justice system

Hadar Dancig-Rosenberg (Bar-Ilan) and Tali Gal (Haifa): Restorative Criminal Justice. Vernon Thomas Sarver Jr. (South Florida): A Due Process Challenge to the Constitutionality of the Death Penalty in the United States. Sherod Thaxton (Chicago): Leveraging Death. America’s safer streets: The great crime decline continues — no one is sure why. Are crimes morally wrong? Yes and no; it depends. A porn stash and a false confession: How to ruin someone’s life in the American justice system. The Throwaways: Police enlist young offenders as confidential informants — but the work is high-risk, largely unregulated, and sometimes fatal. Women who kill: From a review of the literature, it's clear that we have a long way to go to understand violence in females (and part 2). A jaw-dropping explanation of how governments are complicit in the illegal drug trade: The drug war is far, far more than just simply criminals at work, says scholar Oliver Villar. Was it really me: Neuroscience is changing the meaning of criminal guilt — that might make us more, not less, responsible for our actions.