How do you really feel?

Jason Michael McCann (TCD): Social Systems of Oppression: How Society Supports the Structures of Poverty. As we enter the twenty-second century, the need for capping income gaps to guarantee social cohesion and preserve the environment is no longer challenged; yet only a century ago, this idea seemed utopian. From FDL, a book salon on Delirium: The Politics of Sex in America by Nancy L. Cohen. A look at Islam’s inroads in Haiti, the land of Voodoo and Christianity. But how do you really feel? Someday the computer may know. Getting back on the horse: Is the world ready for the securitization of cancer research? Zoe Corbyn on how people can be tricked into reversing their opinions on morality. Robert Hainault on why we need a new aristocracy. A group of UN experts urge governments to repeal laws that criminalize adultery. David Runciman reviews The Occupy Handbook. The Male Art Pregnancy Project: An excerpt from Hospitality of the Matrix: Philosophy, Biomedicine, and Culture by Irina Aristarkhova. A visit to the right’s least popular museum: The GOP insisted Whittaker Chambers' pumpkin patch become a historical site — it averages two guests a year.