What is decolonization and why does it matter?

Tayyab Mahmud (Seattle): Cheaper than a Slave: Indentured Labor, Colonialism and Capitalism. Larissa Van den Herik (Leiden): Addressing “Colonial Crimes” through Reparations? The inaugural issue of Decolonization: Indigeneity, Education and Society is out, including Eve Tuck (SUNY-New Paltz) and K. Wayne Yang (UCSD): Decolonization is Not a Metaphor. What is decolonization and why does it matter? Eric Ritskes investigates. From Reviews in History, a review of German Colonialism: A Short History by Sebastian Conrad. The Gulf’s Black Treasure: Hossein Askari on the old colonialism and on the new colonialism. Here are a few ways in which Western culture has made a complete ass of itself by re-appropriating cultures and religions it doesn't even care enough about to want to understand. A review of Empire's Children: Race, Filiation, and Citizenship in the French Colonies by Emmanuelle Saada. Is Western condemnation of cultural destruction reserved exclusively for enemies? Ramona Wadi reviews Politics of Indignation: Imperialism, Post Colonial Disruptions and Social Change by Peter Mayo. The decision to reshelve Herge's Tintin books because of their perceived colonial and racist tint has generated heated debate.