The American Civil War

Jeffrey Rogers Hummel (SJSU): Deadweight Loss and the American Civil War: The Political Economy of Slavery, Secession, and Emancipation. From Jacobin, Charlie Post (BMCC): The Civil War Reconsidered; and the War of Northern Aggression: Leading Civil War historian James Oakes challenges the new orthodoxy about how slavery ended in America. From World Socialist Web Site, Tom Mackaman interviews historian James McPherson on 150 years since the Emancipation Proclamation. Ed Voves reviews Lincoln’s Hundred Days: The Emancipation Proclamation and the War for the Union by Louis P. Masur. Samuel Graber reviews Mightier Than the Sword: Uncle Tom's Cabin and the Battle for America by David S. Reynolds. America's simple-minded obsession with the Confederate flag: Journalists love to recycle old cliches about the rebel banner — but its days as an official symbol of Southern pride are rapidly coming to an end. Why do so many Southerners think they're the only real Americans? Let's not pretend that condescension is unique to the North. Southerners and Gs: Charles C. W. Cooke on surprisin’ twists in the history of English pronunciation.