Predictable patterns

Daniel Sell (Capital): The United States’ Policy of Targeted Killing and the Use of Force: Another Exception to the United Nations Use of Force Regime. From Playboy, an interview with Stephen Colbert. Healthcare economics: An interview with Jonathan Gruber. Political sentiment and predictable returns: Jawad M. Addoum and Alok Kumar examine the impact of changing political environment on the stock market and find that as the political climate changes, there are systematic shifts in the portfolio compositions of investors, which generates predictable patterns in stock returns. Congratulations, but we need to talk: An open letter from PopSci to President Obama about science and the future. Addled by books: Morten Hoi Jensen reviews Dublinesque by Enrique Vila-Matas. When and to where? Joanna Wasik on leaving Guantanamo after Habeas, Release, or Transfer. From Jacobin, J. W. Mason writes in defense of David Graeber’s Debt. Rob Horning on the metaphor of “microfame” and what sort of ideological work it performs. The long game: Andrew Klavan on three areas the Right should address, financially and intellectually.