Challenges for international law

Anne Peters (Basel): Are We Moving Towards Constitutionalization of the World Community? Karl-Heinz Ladeur (Hamburg): The Evolution of the Law and the Possibility of a “Global Law” Extending Beyond the Sphere of the State — Simultaneously, a Critique of the “Self‐constitutionalisation” Thesis. From German Law Journal, a special issue on EU Law qua Global Governance Law. Perry Keller Dickson (King's College): Sovereignty and Liberty in the Internet Era. Patricia Mindus (Uppsala): Global Harmony and Rule of Law: An Empirical-Analytic Approach. Eric De Brabandere (Grotius Centre): The Impact of “Supranationalism” on State Sovereignty from the Perspective of the Legitimacy of International Organisations. Jure Vidmar (Oxford): Territorial Integrity and the Law of Statehood. From The European Journal of International Law, Fabrizio Cafaggi (Penn) and David D. Caron (UC-Berkeley): Global Public Goods amidst a Plurality of Legal Orders: A Symposium; and lessons of imperialism and of the law of nations: Andreas Wagner on Alberico Gentili’s early modern appeal to Roman law. John Louth and Merel Alstein on challenges for international law.