The philosophical pulse

From Avant: The Journal of the Philosophical-Interdisciplinary Vanguard, immune system, immune self: A special issue on the philosophy of immunology. From Figure/Ground Communication, Andrew Iliadis interviews John Searle. The folly of scientism: Austin L. Hughes challenges the trespassing of scientists on philosophy’s domain. From 3:AM, Jessica Berry stays cool calm and collected as she pronounces Nietzsche a Pyrrhonian skeptic; Gary Gutting has his finger on the philosophical pulse, writing books and articles and writing regularly for The Stone philosophers’ blog at the New York Times to keep everyone in the know; and John Haldane is a Thomist analytic philosopher, the P Daddy of the philosophy of religion. From Arcade, William Egginton on the novel and the origins of modern philosophy. Anat Biletzki reviews Philosophical Delusion and its Therapy: Outline of a Philosophical Revolution by Eugen Fischer. Who’s lying, then? David Pitts on Epimenides of Crete and his infamous Liar Paradox. Between the Scylla of Russell nor the Charybdis of Wikipedia: Justin E. H. Smith on philosophometry. Train philosophers with Pearl and Kahneman, not Plato and Kant.