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Lamar Pierce (WUSTL), Michael S. Dahl (Aalborg) and Jimmi Nielsen (Aarhus): In Sickness and in Wealth: Psychological and Sexual Costs of Income Comparison in Marriage. From Adbusters, a special issue on the Big Ideas of 2013. What does “the cover of Time” mean? UNESCO adds another seven items to list of intangible cultural heritage. Rituals bind us, in modern societies and prehistoric tribes alike — but can our loyalties stretch to all of humankind? Harvey Whitehouse wants to know. Greg Beato on how capitalism made the Christmas tree better: Originally intended as an antidote to commercialism, the Christmas tree soon had the opposite impact. From The Nation, L.R. Runner on how to save the Democratic Party: The time has come for a showdown between the reformist and accommodationist wings of the party (and responses). Guns, game, and control: Who are America’s hunters? From Strange Maps, it’s a question on the minds of many, this gift-giving season: What do you get someone who already has everything? A chunk of Antarctica. Beware Green Lantern thinking in gun policy coverage: The president isn’t as powerful as you think.