All ear muffs and horse blinders

Robin Bradley Kar (Illinois): Western Legal Prehistory: Reconstructing the Hidden Origins of Western Law and Civilization. Hila Shamir (Tel Aviv): A Labor Paradigm for Human Trafficking. From Capitalism magazine, Leonard Peikoff on why Christmas should be more commercial. Christopher de Bellaigue reviews Doing Psychoanalysis in Tehran by Gohar Homayounpour. From Tablet, Liel Leibovitz on why Israel has no Newtowns: It’s the Jewish state’s gun culture, not its laws, that prevents mass shootings like the one in Connecticut; and gun-rights advocates cite Nazi laws in their defense of the Second Amendment — is the comparison fair? In real life, militant neutrals are the sort of people that if a mutual friend did something really, truly horrible to you, like stabbed you in the face or something and killed your dog, would be all ear muffs and horse blinders and “Oh gosh, well, you guys are both my friends so I don’t want to hear it,” should you godforbid complain about all your wounds or say you missed your dog or something. Discover magazine rebuilds entire edit and design staff. Here is the #lastprintissue of Newsweek.