What really went down

A new issue of Postcolonial Text is out. Tayyab Mahmud (Seattle): Debt and Discipline. Julien Etienne (LSE) and Gerhard Schnyder (King's College): Logics of Action and Models of Capitalism: Explaining Bottom-Up Liberal and Non-Liberal Change. From New Geography, Joshua Wright on the rise of management consultants. The year in closed government: How a private email network exposed the secret dealings of top government officials. Kristina Musholt reviews The Things We Do and Why We Do Them by Constantine Sandis. From FDL, a book salon on When Disaster Strikes: A Comprehensive Guide for Emergency Planning and Crisis Survival by Matthew Stein. City Life: Heather Mac Donald left literature behind to critique liberal policies. From Vice, here is Young Americans, a documentary series about what really went down in 2012, directed by Lance Bangs. Michael Skapinker reviews Spell it Out: The Singular Story of English Spelling by David Crystal, The Story of Ain’t: America, Its Language and the Most Controversial Dictionary Ever Published by David Skinner, and Words of the World: A Global History of the Oxford English Dictionary by Sarah Ogilvie.