Behind the headlines

From HAU: Journal of Ethnographic Theory, Sherry B. Ortner (UCLA): Against Hollywood: American Independent Film as a Critical Cultural Movement; and Caroline Humphrey (Cambridge): Favors and "Normal Heroes": The Case of Postsocialist Higher Education. Why do huge stories sometimes go unreported? Lorraine Adams on the truth behind the headlines. Forget ideals of milk and honey: Peace is found in the grit of everyday life, in a town that takes in troubled strangers. Jamais Cascio on Singularity 1 on 1: You matter, your choices make a difference. A history of the unaffiliated: Matthew S. Hedstrom on how the “spiritual not religious” gospel has spread. Although the word “spirituality” has Christian origins it has now moved well beyond these — indeed beyond religion itself. Don't cut Social Security — double it. Rolf Potts on how the murder of Tabor College defensive lineman Brandon Brown in Kansas shakes town, raises questions. Does changing the man at the top really have a beneficial effect on struggling teams? Benjamin Shapiro on why music scenes are for idiots. Sam McNerney on why your opinion about music can be wrong.