A new wave

Jens-Uwe Franck and Kai Purnhagen (LMU): Homo Economicus, Behavioural Sciences, and Economic Regulation: On the Concept of Man in Internal Market Regulation and Its Normative Basis. Bruno S. Frey and Lasse Steiner (Zurich): Political Economy: Success or Failure? From The Atlantic Monthly, Intel's Genevieve Bell talks about why we adopt some gadgets and spurn others — and why tech companies underestimate female users; and in Silicon Valley, a new wave of tech companies is trying to enforce fun. Animated infographic: Watch as America’s stadiums pile up on the backs of taxpayers through the years. From Catapult, the local newspaper, an endangered species of late, has been a critical chronicler of places around the world, recording the life of many communities in a way no history book ever would. Reginald Smith on black bookstores in the United States: A short view by the numbers. The American Dream is alive and well in Texas: Texas Public Policy Foundation's president Brooke Rollins on the direction of the Republican Party of Texas and what it's like to be one of Ronald Reagan's "happy warriors".