The age of white male mass shootings

Mark Anthony Frassetto (Georgetown): Firearms and Weapons Legislation up to the Early 20th Century. Do Matthew Lang (Xavier): Guns Affect Crime? Evidence Using a Direct Measure of Firearms. Deniese Kennedy-Kollar (Molloy) and Christopher A.D. Charles (Monroe): Hegemonic Masculinity and Mass Murderers in the United States. The unbearable invisibility of white masculinity: David J. Leonard on innocence in the age of white male mass shootings. Chris Lehmann on the year of the white-guy meltdown: Boehner’s f-bomb, LaPierre’s rant — have the white men in power simply lost it? From TPM, take the Red Dawn fantasy out of the equation, and we’ll have no problem coming up with a sensible gun policy in America (and more and more). Rick Perlstein on how the NRA became an organization for aspiring vigilantes (and part 2). From Capitalism magazine, Michael J Hurd on why rage, not reason, governs support of gun control — and all things Leftist. From ProPublica, Suevon Lee on five federal policies on guns you’ve never heard of. Can cities ban assault weapons on their own? In gun control debate, little talk of “stand your ground”.