Arguments about guns

Pratheepan Gulasekaram (Santa Clara): Guns and Membership in the American Polity. Charles P. Wilson and Shirley A. Wilson (Bryant): Myth versus Reality: The Arguments Against Arming Campus Police. Patrick J. Charles (USAF): The Second Amendment in Historiographical Crisis: Why the Supreme Court Must Reevaluate the Embarrassing “Standard Model” Moving Forward. Trends in gun law: Matthew William Loeser on the changing interpretation of the Second Amendment over time. Chris Lehmann on how Second Amendment mythologies — and the market — have taken over the gun-violence debate. Dave Gilson on 10 pro-gun myths, shot down. Richard (RJ) Eskow on 12 rational responses to irrational arguments about guns. Rick Elgendy on the irony of “gun control”. A look at how gun-control in the United States is a coded debate about racism. Nate Silver on party identity in a gun cabinet: In gun ownership statistics, partisan divide is sharp.