Our immigration debate

A new issue of The Social Contract is out. From Jacobin, J.A. Myerson on the case for open borders. Crossing the line: Tanya Golash-Boza examines the legal debate over immigration reform and the growing crackdown on settled undocumented immigrants. America’s borders, porous from the start: Our immigration debate ignores a key fact — the nation’s perimeter has never been secure. Joel Kotkin on why the red states will profit most from more U.S. immigration. E Pluribus Duo: Heather Mac Donald on how America is fast becoming two nations — one English-speaking and one Spanish-speaking. How do immigrants become Americans? Ian Reifowitz reviews Patriotic Pluralism: Americanization Education and European Immigrants by Jeffrey Mirel. What does a “secure” border look like? Shikha Dalmia on why America needs more immigration, not less.