All over again

Linda Greenhouse and Reva Siegel (Yale): Backlash to the Future? From Roe to Perry. From Harper’s, we need a shadow CBO: Jeff Madrick on the trouble with the Congressional Budget Office’s long-term budget projections. The military's Chicken Littles want you to think the sky is falling — don't believe them: America has never been safer. Mary and the Zombies: Is a purely physical, scientific account of subjective experience possible? How adulthood is like high school all over again: Michelle Van Loon on why Churches need to recognize the awkward teenager inside each of us. Of lawyers and salesmen: What's the difference between a vacuum cleaner salesman and a politician? Jerry Brito on the promise and the pitfalls of White House petitions. Daphne Liddle on the significance of Stalingrad: 19 November 1942 is the most important date in the world history of anti-fascist struggle and arguably the most important date in human history so far.