Iraq ten years later

Iraq 10 years later: David Corn on the deadly consequences of spin. Marches of Folly: Did we learn anything from Iraq? Paul Krugman wonders. Seymour M. Hersh on Iraq, ten years later: What about the Constitution? A study finds the Iraq war cost U.S. more than $2 trillion. Way worse than a dumb war: Phyllis Bennis on Iraq ten years later. John Judis on what it was like to oppose the Iraq War in 2003. Bill Bigelow on how not to teach about the Iraq War. James Fallows on how we thought, and think, about Iraq. Harvey Sapolsky on Iraq: The mistake was staying. Why can't Americans make up their minds about the Iraq war? Nearly two-thirds of us thought the war was a mistake five years ago — now barely half do. Could Twitter have prevented the Iraq War? The conflict might not have become a fait accompli if the mainstream media was forced to answer for its mistakes.