Gendering everything

Katharine K. Baker (IIT): Sex and Equality. Emma Poulton (Durham): “If You Had Balls, You'd Be One of Us!” Doing Gendered Research: Methodological Reflections on Being a Female Academic Researcher in the Hyper-Masculine Subculture of “Football Hooliganism”. Christian Williams on the trouble with tough guys. Erika Bachiochi on why U.N. feminists should want to partner with the Holy See. It’s well-established being funny makes men more attractive — now a new paper reports that being attractive makes men funnier. Sympathy for the stay-at-home mom: Judith Shulevitz on an argument about work, life, and the modern calendar. The final feminist frontier: Why men still don't do their share of the dirty work. The retro wife: Lisa Miller on feminists who say they’re having it all — by choosing to stay home. Donald N.S. Unger on how men can't have it all either. Yes, we’re still gendering everything.