Toxic masculinity

Martha Albertson Fineman (Emory): Feminism, Masculinities, and Multiple Identities. Jamie R. Abrams (Louisville): Enforcing Masculinities at the Borders. Why is the social shaping of masculinity not an urgent policy issue? Cynthia Cockburn and Ann Oakley on the cost of masculine crime. Andrea Castillo on the problems with “patriarchy”: How does a system that was supposedly created for the domination of men fail so miserably to save such a large number of its prized specimens from such dreadful outcomes? Jaclyn Friedman on Toxic Masculinity: If we want to end the pandemic of rape, it’s going to require an entire global movement of men willing to do the hard work of interrogating the ideas they were raised with. Why are terrorists so often men? Tamerlan Tsarnaev was performing a kind of masculinity through public destruction. America's military-masculinity complex is generating violence on a mass scale — at home.