The future of human beings

From Transhumanity, what should transhumanity regard as it’s primary goal? Extropia DaSilva wonders; and Zeev Kirsch on transhumanism’s schism: Are we motivated by greed or humanism? Julian Savulescu and Robert Sparrow debate the ethics of genetic enhancement in “Making Better Babies, Pro and Con”. From IEET, is human enhancement disenchanting? John Danaher wonders (and part 2). John Danaher on the need for epistemic enhancement. Building a “better” brain: As early as the 1950s, psychologist David Krech foresaw the power and the peril of cognitive enhancement — prescient concerns that live on today. Greg Miller on the hidden costs of cognitive enhancement. How much longer until humanity becomes a hive mind? From h+1, Selena Erkızan on science fiction and the future of human beings: Imagination, evolution and the anthropocentric myths.