To merge man and machine

Brett Lunceford (South Alabama): Posthuman Visions: Creating the Technologized Body. Roland Benedikter on how an emerging tech-driven industry is trying to merge man and machine — yet we have barely begun to understand what constitutes our humanity. L. Kirk Hagen reviews Human No More: Digital Subjectivities, Unhuman Subjects, and the End of Anthropology. Posthuman politics under biocapitalism: Samuel Grove interviews Eva Giraud on the “posthumanist” thought of Donna Haraway. Does enhanced human equal transhuman? Armand Vespertine wonders. From Singularity 1 on 1, an interview with Robin Hanson: Details matter and for that you need social science. David Rieff on the Singularity of Fools: A special report from the utopian future. You can download several chapters from Singularity Hypotheses: A Scientific and Philosophical Assessment.