Religious identity

Engy Abdelkader (Penn): “Savagery” in the Subways: Anti-Muslim Ads, the First Amendment, and the Efficacy of Counterspeech. Seval Yildirim (Whittier): Global Tangles: Law, Headcoverings and Religious Identity. For years Saif Rahman has been an agnostic and an ex-Muslim activist — so why is he thinking of calling himself a cultural Muslim? From Big Think, Derek Beres on how to convert a Muslim to Jesus (or not). Two popes and a primate: David Brakke on the changing face of global Christianity. From The American Conservative, Andrew Doran on how the Iraq War became a war on Christians — and why supporting Syria's rebels may extinguish Christianity in its oldest environs (and more). Given that the 12 apostles were all of Middle Eastern origin, born round about the year 0, how come they all had common English names?