The British way?

Vu Dung Nguyen, Blesson Varghese, and Adam Barker (St Andrews): The Royal Birth of 2013: Analysing and Visualising Public Sentiment in the UK Using Twitter. Marco Goldoni (Glasgow) and Chris McCorkindale (Strathclyde): Why We (Still) Need a Revolution. From Soundings, Doreen Massey on vocabularies of the economy: The language we use is one of the sources of the political straitjacket we are in; and Michael Rustin on a relational society: Human relationships cannot be encompassed within a narrow, market-exchange world view. What is to be done about the banks? John Lanchester on “an existential threat to British democracy, a more serious one than terrorism, either external or internal”. Not his finest hour: Philip Hensher reviews Churchill and Empire: Portrait of an Imperialist by Lawrence James. Academics may not be celebrities, but their careful research is improving public policy. Archaeologists working at the site of a planned housing development in Britain have unearthed a mysterious medieval mansion that, according to historical records of the time period, never existed. Andy Murray’s historic victory at Wimbledon sparked instant debate about whether his was a win for Scotland or Britain. From BBC magazine, is queuing really the British way? The Welsh language is dying out as young people are afraid to use it, research has found.