BEA 2013: Editors Buzz Panel

Book Expo America proudly presents BEA Editor's Buzz 2013 and shows off the books that readers and media will be buzzing about!!! Join this thrilling session and hear editors share their excitement and passion for six of the Fall's biggest potential breakout releases! We are excited to announce this year's buzz selection: Deanne Urmy, Senior Executive Editor, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt with Wendy Lower's HITLER'S FURIES: GERMAN WOMEN IN THE NAZI KILLING FIELDS; Liese Mayer, Associate Editor/Subsidiary Rights and Contracts Manager with Eric Lundgren's THE FACADES; Anna deVries, Senior Editor, Macmillan with Amy Grace Loyd's THE AFFAIRS OF OTHERS: A NOVEL; Venessa Mobley, Executive Editor, Crown with Sheri Fink's FIVE DAYS AT MEMORIAL: LIFE AND DEATH IN A STORM-RAVAGED HOSPITAL; Whitney Frick, Editor, Simon & Schuster with Katy Butler's KNOCKING ON HEAVENS DOOR: THE PATH TO A BETTER WAY OF DEATH; Lee Boudreaux, Editorial Director, HaperCollins with Jennifer Senior's ALL JOY AND NO FUN: THE PARADOX OF MODERN PARENTHOOD.