James Franco & Frank Bidart

Join us for a special conversation between Academy Award Nominated Actor James Franco and legendary poet and academic Frank Bidart.

James Franco plays with the concept of memoir in his new book A California Childhood, through personal snapshots, sketches, paintings, poems, and stories. An actor treads the line between reality and fiction every time he plays a part, and for James Franco, that exploration isn't limited to the screen. He's also a visual artist with several exhibitions under his belt as well as the author of the widely praised story collection Palo Alto.

Aside from the achievement of his many collections, Frank Bidart's 2002 chapbook, Music Like Dirt, is the only chapbook to ever be nominated for the Pulitzer Prize. James and Frank will be speaking on memoir, California, and their own approaches to their written and visual creative endeavors. James and Frank will also be discussing James' chapbook of poems, The Strongest of the Litter.