Two minds on Syria

David A. Lake and David Lindsey (UCSD): Moral Foundations and Individual-Level Foreign Policy Preferences. Seung-Whan Choi (UIC) and Patrick James (USC): Why Does the U.S. Intervene Abroad? Democracy, Human Rights Violations, and Terrorism. From The Monkey Cage, do military interventions reduce killings of civilians in civil wars? Erica Chenoweth investigates (and more); and why are chemical weapons a red line? Erik Voeten wants to know. The poison gas war on the Syrian people: Hans Hoyng and Christoph Reuter on Assad's cold calculation. Norm Geras on justifying military intervention in Syria. Matthew Yglesias on how military strikes are an extremely expensive way to help foreigners (and a response). Syria crisis: Janan Ganesh and Peggy Hollinger on the cases for and against intervention. George Packer on two minds on Syria. Alex Kane on 4 of the most awful arguments for attacking Syria made so far (and more). From TNR, the “let's not even try” foreign policy: James Mann on how Barack Obama's choice on Syria will define his presidency (and more); Nora Caplan-Bricker on six liberals' best Syria advice for Obama; and John Judis on why the best reason to intervene in Syria isn't to help the rebels. Shane Harris and Matthew M. Aid on how CIA files prove America helped Saddam as he gassed Iran (and Isaac Chotiner on why “we're hypocrites!” is irrelevant to the Syria debate). Arsenal of hypocrisy: No matter where you look in the world, American words don't match American deeds. How the world is responding to a possible strike on Syria.