BEA 2013: Keynote: Shaping The Future of the Book

The publishing industry is undergoing more change now than at any time in its history. Booksellers, publishers and others aligned with the book industry are seeking new ways to engage readers, build communities and encourage reading at every age! Fostering the importance of reading in young children and offering new books and authors throughout their life is a goal for all members of the industry. Although, there has been an industry shift from print to digital - altering how we acquire, develop, distribute, sell, loan and read books affects every piece of the value chain from Author to reader — it is still all about reading! Ingram Content Group Chief Executive Officer John Ingram will moderate a panel of thought leaders who are turning the traditional way of publishing and bookselling on its head and helping shape the future of the book through innovation, new business models, and determination. Join in the discussion focusing on the most important issue in our industry — reading!