Samuel Delany & Mia Wolff discuss Bread & Wine

Samuel Delany's revealing autobiographical love story, Bread & Wine: An Erotic Tale of New York, tells the story of a romance that defied social norms and brought two unlikely people together across the boundaries of class, race and convention. Delany was a successful novelist, essayist and professor, when he met Denis, a homeless man selling books on the street in Manhattan. They slowly developed a friendship that grew into a caring relationship—despite the immense differences in their lives. By turns bizarre, humorous and touching, Bread and Wine has garnered praise from the likes of Neil Gaiman, Edmund White and Alan Moore. Delany talks about the story with Mia Wolff, the co-creator of the graphic novel that grew out of it. Out of print for years, Bread and Wine has now been reissued by Fantagraphics Books.