Moral coherence

From Essays in Philosophy, a special issue on Cartesian virtue and freedom. Josh May (Monash): Does Disgust Influence Moral Judgment? Ryan Conree Preston-Roedder (UNC): A Better World. Alexander Peysakhovich (Harvard) and David G. Rand (Yale): Habits of Virtue: Creating Norms of Cooperation and Defection in the Laboratory. Patricia Marino (Waterloo): Moral Coherence and Principle Pluralism. Leon R. Calleja (Brooklyn): Reconciling the Self and Universalism. Benjamin M. Eidelson (Yale): Treating People as Individuals. David O. Brink (UCSD): Situationism, Responsibility, and Fair Opportunity. Cristian Constantinescu (Birkbeck): Moral Vagueness: A Dilemma for Non-Naturalism. Zachary Horne (Illinois): Belief Updating in Moral Dilemmas. Michael Lynch (UConn): Truth in Ethics. Graham Hubbs (Idaho): Answerability without Answers. Thomas Scanlon on what is morality. Are intelligent people better at morality? Katja Keuchenius on whether good brains reach high moral stages. Bernard Yack reviews Aristotle's Politics: Living Well and Living Together by Eugene Garver. Crowding out virtues: JP O’Malley interviews Michael J. Sandel. From Bleeding Heart Libertarians, a symposium on Michael Huemer’s The Problem of Political Authority: An Examination of the Right to Coerce and the Duty to Obey. You're joking, right, you haven't really made a musical based on John Rawls’s A Theory of Justice, have you?