Benita Eisler & Sanford Schwartz discuss George Catlin

Benita Eisler Talks on the Iconic Artist George Catlin, The Man Who Created Our Image of the American West, with Sanford Schwartz .

In her new book, The Red Man's Bones, renowned biographer Benita Eisler has lifted the veil on Catlin's story. From his days among the Indians of Missouri River Valley to his troubled life in Europe and obscure end as a traveling showman, Eisler shows Catlin, and his subjects, as complex, fascinating and deeply human. Come and hear Benita Eisler chat with Sanford Schwartz about the strange and exciting life of the man who created the modern image of the American West.

George Catlin's 19th century portraits of the Plains Indians are among the most recognizable images in traditional American art. Yet the world Catlin depicted was rapidly changing, even as he was helping to preserve it as an icon of the American West. What was the larger story behind this classic American artist and the people and cultures he helped to show to the world?