Being a pop culture nerd is harder than you think

Myunsoo Kim and Byungtae Lee (KAIST): Are There Too Many Superheroes? Analysis of the Social Distance in Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. From HiLobrow, a series of twenty-five posts, by 25 talented culture critics, each dedicated to the close analysis and eccentric appreciation of one specific old-school hip hop track. Meron Wondemaghen on Breaking Bad's Walter White: The psychopath we can all relate to? From Crime Library, “look at me when I talk to you”: Anthony Bruno on actor Steven Seagal and the Mob. In Shain Gandee, star of Buckwild, MTV struck the authenticity mother lode, until the show became a real-life tragedy. Gabe Bullard on redshirts in the coffee shop: This cosplay is pretty serious. Chris Kohler on Ico, the obscure cult game that’s secretly inspiring everything. The fanatical fantasies of pro wrestling fans: Crystle Martin studies what pro wrestling fans can teach us about storytelling, education, and community — what she found is like “fantasy football meets Dungeons and Dragons”. Paul Cantor on his new book The Invisible Hand in Popular Culture: Liberty vs. Authority in Film and TV. The psychology of superheroes (and villains): Travis Langley on what we learn about personality when we analyze good guys, bad guys — and ourselves. Luis Prada on 4 reasons being a pop culture nerd is harder than you think. Amusing Ourselves to Death: Is its thesis even truer in the age of the Internet?