On both sides

A new issue of Stanford Social Innovation Review is out. Russell Arben Fox (Friends): James C. Scott and the Question of an Anarchist, Non-Sovereign Agrarianism. From The New Inquiry, the thing about You’re Not Pretty Enough, storyteller Jennifer Tress’s alternately hilarious and searing memoir, is that it’s not really about being pretty; and Alice Marwick on how the ideal of authenticity established a boundary between the self and a complete surrender to capitalism; fashion bloggers live on both sides of the border. Mission accomplished? Danny Postel on Syria, the antiwar movement, and the spirit of internationalism. Conventional wisdom says Malcolm Gladwell is a zany brainbox whose books challenge our assumptions and revolutionise our lives — but, asks Gaby Wood, is that another misconception? (and more: “If my books appear oversimplified, then you shouldn't read them”). Laura Agustin on prostitution law and the death of whores. How newly declassified documents show how the surveillance state was born. Nate Cohn on how there's something wrong with PPP, America's premier liberal pollster. The politics of apocalypse: Talk of the end times (recently toned down in Iran) often surfaces in bewildering moments. No nearer the Philosopher’s Stone: Nicholas Popper investigates the shadowy but often serious art of alchemy. Amanda Shaffer on the moral dilemmas of doctors during disaster.