In post-Soviet Russia

Mikhail Antonov (HSE): The Philosophy of Sovereignty, Human Rights, and Democracy in Russia. Samuel A. Greene (King's College): Towards a Theory of Authoritarian Stalemate: Seeking Russia's “New Normal”. From the Journal of Power Institutions in Post-Soviet Societies, a special issue on war trauma in post-Soviet Russia. Breaking the ice of Russian repression: Justin Torres on what Russia’s queer past has to tell us about the future. What factor is most responsible for the rise of Fascist movements in post-Soviet Russia? Lyndon Mukasa investigates. Andrew S. Weiss on how the “reset” with Russia worked, until Putin sabotaged it, and now the relationship is in tatters — here’s how to save it, if we even want to bother. Why would Putin be happy with or without a U.S. war in Syria? Ahmed E. Souaiaia wonders. Maria Turovet on movements and protests in Russia. Garry Kasparov on why Putin may not finish term. Could Russia have been as successful as the United States? Alexei Bayer on how Russia botched an entire century. Ross Laurence Wolfe on Stalinism in art and architecture, or, the first postmodern style. Russia hopes to lure Jews to far east zone. Beauty was secondary: When it came to magazines, Soviet women didn't have much to choose from — it was either a "Working Woman", a "Country Woman", or a "Soviet Woman". Ban this filth: Is the oldest profession a traditional Russian relationship choice? Say it loud: I’m Siberian and proud!