Alice Hoffman & Ann Leary

Alice Hoffman, author of Survival Lessons, will chat with Ann Leary, author of The Good House on some of the life experiences that have led them to their current successes and what kinds of choices they've made for themselves along their individual journeys.

Praised by Toni Morrison as "..a major contribution to twenty-first century literature," Alice Hoffman's The Dovekeepers presented a tour de force of invention and careful detail. Now Alice, whose short fiction has been featured everywhere from the New York Times to The Kenyon Review, is releasing a volume of personal insights called Survival Lessons, which she says she wrote in order to remind herself of the beauty of life and the fact that even in the most adverse situations, a person still has choices to make.

Ann Leary, is the author of The Good House; An Innocent, A Broad; and Outtakes From a Marriage, an exceptional novel that is at turns hilarious and sobering. There's a scandal, some mysticism, babies, old houses, drinking, and desire—and a love story between two craggy sixty-somethings that's as real and sexy as you get.