Vivenne Roumani, Jason Merkoski and Fred Bass discuss the future of books

Out Of Print co-director Vivenne Roumani, Kindle co-creator Jason Merkoski & Strand Bookstore's Fred Bass discuss the future of books.

See the trailer for Out of Print here:

What happens when our exponentially changing world creates a crossroads for the way we ingest information? Will technology effectively make our youngest generation less able to engage in fully formed thought processes? If corporations are given increased agency to choose the information we consume, what will this mean for the future of literature? These questions are the base point of exploration for director Vivienne Roumani, through her documentary, Out of Print. She asked experts, scholars, and business people from around the world to weigh in on the history of printed material and the threats that the internet, copyright policies, and corporate greed has posed on the 500-year-old format.

Featuring the Strand's owner, Fred Bass, and narrated by Meryl Streep Out of Print is an apt analysis of a growing societal issue that will cause grave changes in the ways our children's children will learn to navigate their world. Vivienne will show clips of the film and share some of her discoveries from the documentary process.

Vivienne Roumani is an independent producer/director based in New York City. She brings to Out of Print a unique perspective gained as a director at the Library of Congress and the UC Berkeley Library, where she led digitization projects. Vivienne's previous documentary, The Last Jews of Libya, narrated by Isabella Rossellini, had its U.S. premiere at the 2007 Tribeca Film Festival and was subsequently screened at major festivals and other venues around the world as well as on the Sundance channel.

Fred Bass will appear exclusively on this panel to talk about what he believes the future holds for the printed page. Fred is the son of the Strand's founder, Benjamin Bass, and is a lifelong, passionate booklover. Fred made the choice to move the Strand to its current location in 1957, where it still stands as New York City's beacon of literary wonder.

Joining Vivienne for the evening will be e-book expert Jason Merkoski, one of the minds behind devices like the Kindle. Trained in theoretical math at MIT, Jason is the author of Burning the Page.