Topics in contemporary psychology

Kyla Stepp (Wayne State): Change in Attitudes: What Causes People to “Change Their Minds” about Same-Sex Marriage? Arnulf Kolstad (Nesna): The Nature-Nurture Problem Revisited: Some Epistemological Topics in Contemporary Psychology. Jennifer Radden reviews How Everyone Became Depressed: The Rise and Fall of the Nervous Breakdown by Edward Shorter. George Dvorsky on why Freud still matters, when he was wrong about almost everything. Melanie Tannenbaum on psychology’s brilliant, beautiful, scientific messiness (and more). Don’t panic but psychology isn’t always a science (and more). An article on the psychology of the “psychology isn’t a science” argument. Christopher Chabris on why Malcolm Gladwell matters (and why that's unfortunate). Caitlin Shure on insights into the personalities of conspiracy theorists: Psychologists find that distrust of authority and low agreeableness are among factors underlying the willingness to believe. Christopher Shea on Stanley Milgram and the uncertainty of evil: The psychologist’s famous findings about human nature have haunted us for 50 years — but can we trust them? Good intentions, bad people: Jiby Philip on how good intentions do not negate social evils or the power structures that perpetuate them. Scott Barry Kaufman on 23 signs you’re secretly a narcissist masquerading as a sensitive introvert. Chris Bucholz on 5 psychological flaws that warp the way you see the world.