Philosophy should be conversation

A new issue of Lyceum is out. Jake Nebel (Oxford): Status Quo Bias, Rationality, and Conservatism about Value. J. Adam Carter and Emma C. Gordon (Edinburgh): A New Maneuver Against the Epistemic Relativist. Josh May (UAB): Skeptical Hypotheses and Moral Skepticism. Deflationism and Wittgenstein: Paul Horwich interviewed by Richard Marshall. Restoring F. P. Ramsey: David Papineau on why Wittgenstein’s one-time friend and nemesis might now be remembered as the greatest philosopher of the twentieth century. Kevin Mulligan reviews The Evolution of Modern Metaphysics: Making Sense of Things by A. W. Moore. Kevin Hartnett wonders. L.A. Paul is a deep howdy of metaphysics. Massimo Pigliucci on three and a half thought experiments in philosophy of mind. The first chapter from Would You Kill the Fat Man? The Trolley Problem and What Your Answer Tells Us about Right and Wrong by David Edmonds. Nigel Warburton on how philosophy should be conversation, not dogma — face-to-face talk about our place in the cosmos and how we should live. Raam P. Gokhale on People for the Ethical Treatment of Ethics: A Dialogue on the Nature and Basis of Ethical Discourse. Ariane Lange on 12 types of food improved by famous philosophers. A blockbuster about Plato, starring Brad Pitt? Paul Redding on why philosophy is not a “ridiculous” pursuit — it is worth funding. The latest issue of Philosopher’s Annual is out, on the ten best articles published in philosophy each year.