No stopping it

Luigi Zingales (Chicago): Preventing Economists' Capture. From GQ, Jeanne Marie Laskas goes inside the world of the double-crossing fake hitman. It came from an Egyptian tomb — well no, actually, it didn’t, but once a myth lurches into life, there’s no stopping it. Jerry Coyne on how pseudoscientist Rupert Sheldrake is not being persecuted, and is not like Galileo. Hi honey, I'm home: Autumn Whitefield-Madrano on makeup and cohabitation. Peter Savodnik goes inside Lee Harvey Oswald's lost Soviet days. From The Christian Post, Joe Beam on dealing with a spouse's sexual past (or your own). Dick Cheney is an even bigger monster than you thought: Listen to the man with a taxpayer-funded new heart wax indifferent to the life of his donor. Enter the grifters: Rogue “insurance” providers are telling customers they've found a way to get around Obamacare regulations and still sell “junk” insurance policies. Obamacare is having one huge success nobody knows about — making other health-care programs better. They’ve learned nothing: Betraying any knowledge of political science, media embarrasses itself with a phony frenzy — here's how bad it was. Politico Magazine looks like an in-flight magazine — critics pounce. Andrew Sullivan expands The Daily Dish with monthly subscription-only magazine called Deep Dish. Lane Brown on the last culture guide you’ll ever need. Alli Reed on the 5 weirdest side effects of moving to a new country.