Beverly Gologorsky and Elizabeth Strout

Join us for an intimate chat between Beverly Gologorsky and Elizabeth Strout about the novel Stop Here. They the discuss story and the process behind creating a book.

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Stop Here tells the stories of the hard-working employees of a roadside diner in Long Island who struggle to make ends meet, to deal with the aftermath of the first Iraq war and the family destruction of the second Iraq war, and to find meaning in the crumbling façades that mask the turmoil of their lives. In the novel, Beverly Gologorsky crafts strong, resilient female characters who represent the pillar of strength in their families' lives. The diner connects the fascinating story of each character. Beverly is also the author of the New York Times notable book The Things We Do to Make It Home, which was a Los Angeles Times Best Fiction selection, and received a star review with Publishers Weekly.

Elizabeth Strout won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction with her collection Olive Kitteridge, and her most recent novel which debuted in March of this year is The Burgess Boys.