Understood as speculative thought

From Double Dialogues, a special issue on The Event, The Subject and The Artwork. Christopher M. Green (Foucault): State, Space and Self: Poulantzas and Foucault on Governmentality. Catherine Morrison (URI): Being, Rhetorical: Aristotle, Heidegger and the Temporal Ontology of Rhetoric. From The Carceral, Bernard E. Harcourt (Chicago): Rethinking Power with and beyond Foucault; Daniele Lorenzini (UPEC): Foucault and the Analytic Philosophy of Politics; Arianna Sforzini (UPEC): Ceremonies, Rituals, Dramatics: A Theatrical “Ethnology” of Power; and Jasmine Rault (New School): On Biopolitics in Queer Theory. From darkmatter, a special issue on postcolonial injunctions. LOL/OMG he is crazy: Robert Kiely reviews Georges Bataille’s Louis XXX. Jonny Gordon-Farleigh interviews Simon Critchley on new political identities. Axel Andersson reviews Postcolonial Theory and the Specter of Capital Obscuring Capitalism by Vivek Chibber. From Sartre to the social condition: Iddo Tavory on the social dimension of the existential. In his review of Luciana Parisi’s recent book, Contagious Architecture, Jeremy Lecomte considers her claim that parametric architecture is a mode of algorithmic computation that should be understood as speculative thought. Finn Janning on the happy death of Gilles Deleuze. From Theory, Culture and Society, an interview with William Davies and Nicholas Gane, authors of The Limits of Neoliberalism: Authority, Sovereignty and the Logic of Competition (and more). McKenzie Wark on Kierkagaard’s frenemies: From Adorno to Zizek.