Philosophers gonna philosophize

From The Guardian, Clare Carlisle on Bertrand Russell: philosopher, mathematician and optimist. Rebecca Newberger Goldstein on the vindication of Spinoza, the most lovable of philosophers. Martin Cohen reviews If A then B: How the World Discovered Logic by Michael Shenefelt and Heidi White. Socrates as management consultant: Julie Conti on why executives are embracing philosophy. Why are hundreds of Harvard students studying ancient Chinese philosophy? The professor who teaches Classical Chinese Ethical and Political Theory claims, "This course will change your life". Chinese philosophy lifts off in America. You can download A History of Philosophy in America 1720-2000 by Bruce Kuklick (2002). Luke Muehlhauser interviews Scott Aaronson on philosophical progress. How can we end the male domination of philosophy? Jonathan Wolff wonders (and a response by Mary Midgley). Carol Hay on a feminist Kant. Drake Baer on the workday secrets on the world’s most productive philosophers: Haters gonna hate, thinkers gonna think, philosophers gonna philosophize. When Socrates met Phaedrus: Simon Critchley on eros in philosophy. John Emerson on where philosophy and sex both went wrong. Woody Allen, P.D. James, and Bernard Williams walk into a philosophy book. Play the game: Jack James on rebellious pseudo philosophy; and on stadium philosophers: Marketing Philosophy 101. Begging the question: MG Piety on education and philosophy. Michael H.G. Hoffmann on why the presentation of arguments in logical form has advantages.