The Americanization of the Devil

From Scientific American, Piercarlo Valdesolo on the psychological power of Satan. GOP Senate candidate Kathleen Tonn delivers message in “the Holy Ghost and tongues” to unsaved woman in steam room to confuse Satan. Ken Layne on how shocking new evidence proves Satan is real and lives in America. Rick Wiles says “Satan launched a D-Day invasion of the United States of America in 2012”. Pastor Steven Andrew follows up SOTU address with “God’s State of the Union”, says Obama follows Satan. Right-wing pundits continue to express shock and disgust — and hurl accusations of Satanism — at the 2014 Grammy Awards, blaming this on television producer and writer Norman Lear. From Alternet, Amanda Marcotte on why a satanic goat statue has the Christian right so freaked out: The pagan idol reveals the hypocrisy at the heart of so much fundamentalism; and even Christians are supporting an effort to install a statue of Satan in Oklahoma. Don Imus sidekick Bernard McGuirk sorry for suggesting Satanists “should be shot”. Devilish controversy surrounds 1st Amendment debate. A majority of Americans 18-29 years old now believe in demon possession. Peter Berger on the Americanization of the Devil: Today’s Satanists are not engaged in the worship of evil — what they are engaged in is a classical American exercise, civilizing something that was originally anything but civil. Despite the spooky overtones, modern Satanism actually has a lot in common with self-help, the green movement, and spunky American individualism. Esther Inglis-Arkell on the 9 best Satanic cults in history. Noah Berlatsky on the 18 best songs about the devil: These catchy tunes make the case for the dark side.