The product of centuries

The inaugural issue of Private Ops Magazine is out. From Philosophy, Ethics, and Humanities in Medicine, Thomas D G Frost, Devan Sinha, and Barnabas J Gilbert (Oxford): Should Assisted Dying Be Legalised? Thomas F. Cotter (Minnesota): Patents, Antitrust, and the High Cost of Health Care. Karen Engle (Texas): The Grip of Sexual Violence: Reading United Nations Security Council Resolutions on Human Security. Daniel Shaviro (NYU): The Economics of Tax Law. Vincent Chetail (HEI): Vattel and the American Dream: An Inquiry into the Reception of the Law of Nations in the United States. From The Washingtonian, Asra Q. Nomani on Danny Pearl’s Final Story. Who’s to blame for the emerging-market crisis? Felix Salmon investigates. Nina Caspersen on the politics of getting online in countries that don’t exist. A taxonomy of movie psychos: Psychiatrist Samuel Leistedt sorts the diagnosable cases from the villains of pure fantasy. Uruguay president Jose Mujica rails against business suits. The hottest club in New York is part of the United Nations, where diplomats get drunk and handsy. Surely they can’t be serious? Matt Patches on the unlikely rise of Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, Hollywood's majorly hated, hugely successful kings of the modern-day spoof. Marc Tracy reviews Collision Low Crossers: A Year Inside the Turbulent World of NFL Football by Nicholas Dawidoff. Alice Robb on how the Puppy Bowl is the product of centuries of evolutionary logic. Wanderley Dias da Silva on 15 reasons to date a philosopher.