Animal citizens and sovereigns

Pat Andriola (NYU): Equal Protection for Animals. Catia Faria (Pompeu Fabra): Equality, Priority and Nonhuman Animals. John Hadley (Western Sydney): Animal Rights Advocacy and Legitimate Public Deliberation. From Law, Ethics and Philosophy, Oscar Horta (Santiago de Compostela): Zoopolis, Intervention, and the State of Nature; Alasdair Cochrane (Sheffield): Cosmozoopolis: The Case against Group-Differentiated Animal Rights; and Sue Donaldson and Will Kymlicka (Queen’s): A Defense of Animal Citizens and Sovereigns. Sue Donaldson and Will Kymlicka (Queen’s): Unruly Beasts: Animal Citizens and the Threat of Tyranny; Animals and the Frontiers of Citizenship; and Animal Rights, Multiculturalism and the Left. Christopher O. Tollefsen reviews For Love of Animals: Christian Ethics, Consistent Action by Charles Camosy (and part 2). “No Animals Were Harmed” is a lie: Whistle-blowers say the American Humane Association can't be trusted to protect film industry animals. Photographer Jo-Anne McArthur reflects on a decade spent documenting the use and abuse of animals. Frank Bruni on according animals dignity. When beasts were people: Ben Schreckinger on the long, strange history of animals in court. Jessica Pierce reviews Can Animals Be Moral? by Mark Rowlands. Can bees have Proustian moments, too? Two centuries of progress in behaviorial science challenges our core beliefs in human exceptionalism. Wray Herbert reviews The Gap: The Science of What Separates Us from Other Animals by Thomas Suddendorf. Do insects feel pain, and are they conscious? A science kit for at-home cyborg cockroaches provokes the hard questions.