Need to know

Stephan Lewandowsky, John Cook, and Klaus Oberauer (Western Australia) and Michael Marriott-Hubble (Climate Realities Research): Recursive Fury: Conspiracist Ideation in the Blogosphere in Response to Research on Conspiracist Ideation. Anthony Masino (ETSU): DOMA: How Tax Compliance Post Windsor Has Created a Fiscal Time Bomb for Jurisdictions that Deny Same-Sex Marriages. Anthony C. Infanti (Pittsburgh): Big (Gay) Love: Has the IRS Legalized Polygamy? Charles Korsmo (Case Western): Market Efficiency and Fraud on the Market: The Promise and Peril of Halliburton. “Everything suckism”: Nico Lang von the self-fulfilling prophesy that ensures everything sucks. From NYRB, can privacy be saved? A review essay on surveillance and privacy by David Cole. Live and let leak: Jack Shafer on state secrets in the Snowden era. Joshua Tucker on what you need to know about Ukraine. Julia Ioffe on how the Ukraine protests are Vladimir Putin's worst nightmare. Is there opportunity in art history? Felix Salmon wonders. Nilanjana Roy on how Indian intellectuals are being bullied by Right-wing extremists. Andrew K. Knoll reviews Why Hell Stinks of Sulfur: Mythology and Geology of the Underworld by Salomon Kroonenberg. Pain and progress: Is it possible to make a nonaddictive opioid painkiller? Nathan Coppedge on the Manifesto of Sophology: “This movement did not yet exist in Wikipedia, so I decided to start it myself”. Jacob Silverman on 14 worst case scenarios involving Google's growing robot army.