Does journalism have a future?

Dahlia K. Remler, Don J. Waisanen and Andrea Gabor (Baruch): Academic Journalism: A Modest Proposal. Victor Pickard (Penn): The United States: Unfounded Fears of Press Subsidies. John Judis on how this law of economics shows why print journalism is doomed — and why public funding is the best solution. The recent journo-churn illustrates a few interesting labour-market concepts: “Committed economics journalists don't just write about key economic concepts, they live them”. Felix Salmon on content economics, part 5: news; and on how 2014 is going to be the year of a big debate about what news is — and especially about whether and how news organizations can ethically report on activity in the virtual world. Does journalism have a future?: Nicholas Lemann reviews Out of Print: Newspapers, Journalism and the Business of News in the Digital Age by George Brock. George Packer on telling stories about the future of journalism. Dylan Byers on the future of news. Simon Houpt on how the future of news is Vice. Richard Horgan on gauging the next “golden age” of journalism. Sean Trende on The Gamble and the rise of data-driven journalism. Here, let Ezra explain: Young blogger Ezra Klein, who brought the digital revolution to the Washington Post, now wants to bring a news revolution to digital media. Mathew Ingram on why the rise of sites devoted to explanatory journalism is a trend worth celebrating. Leslie Kaufman and Ravi Somaiya on how drones offer journalists a wider view. Tim Carmody on the structure of journalism today. Peter Wilby on how newspapers are still the most important medium for understanding the world.