Where the Internet goes

From Transformations, a special issue on the Internet as politicizing instrument. Gianpaolo M. Ruotolo (UNIFG): The Impact of the Internet on International Law: Nomos Without Earth? Alberto Cerda (Chile): Internet Freedom is Not Enough: Towards an Internet Based on Human Rights. Dana Neacsu (Columbia): Alienation and Technology: Is the Internet Eroding the Rights Paradigm? Samuel Veissiere (UCN): The Internet Is not a River: Space, Movement and Personhood. The US government is an enemy of the Internet, according to an annual list released by Reporters Without Borders. The US is about to relinquish control of the Internet's address book — that's a big deal (and more). Steven Levy on how the NSA almost killed the Internet. Matt Novak on how DARPA tried to build Skynet in the 1980s. Joshua Kopstein on the mission to decentralize the Internet. Bruce Schneier on how the Internet of Things is wildly insecure — and often unpatchable. Meet the seven people who hold the keys to worldwide internet security. Nilay Patel on why the Internet is fucked (but we can fix it). Luke O'Neil on the year we broke the Internet: An explanation, an apology, a plea. Will 2014 be the year that the Internet is reined in? John Markoff on viewing where the Internet goes. 25 years on, the Web still needs work: Stephen Shankland interviews Tim Berners-Lee (and more). Dystopian doom or global village? Sarah Gray on what the Internet will look like in 2025. Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen on the future of Internet freedom. What happened to the new Internet? John Herrman on the movement to make a quieter, cleaner, more exclusive web and what’s left of it. Alice Kirkland on four things you might not have known about the internet.